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laziness is the main cause for insufficient training ,same goes to blogging. i really don't know how to find a solution to reverse this attitude.! New Year has begun and me still don't have any resolution.Its ok, throughout last year,i have learn some few lesson which i should improve this year.i do manage achieve some few good and poor result , i realize that lack of training contribute to my poor performance and i should stop signup any event or longer distance before thinking twice .

2010 target

1) no more long distance - 21k and below only ( poor result from penang08 & kl marathon 09)
2) focus on short distance - 12k,10k, 7k, 5k (set n maintain pace 4min km)
3) schedule well manage - join not more n less event (1 or 3 only event per month)
4) lastly,Training - must on every weekend n if possible also on weekdays.
62km position 36tth - got genting voucher

12hourswalk, another 5 days to go and my training not going so well, this is something i should be worried. i just dunno why this thing happening to me every time (expect better result before race then later regret for bad performance.)

i MUST change this attitude, the only way is TRAINING TRAINING TRAINING TRAINING.

Incredible India...!!!!!!!!

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im back
headache.. lot of things to be update
really in bad shape since raye - finaL exam then holiday in india 3 weeks..
2 months without RUNNIG.

Just started trainng last week,preparing for my 12h walk.i'm really regret should be prepared since 2 months ago, its will be huge gamble to take part in this event.
Hopeful it won't repeat like last year.

07 result- 71k / 24th
my target - 80k / top 2O

kliuc run
adidas run
shape run
manutd game

Event: shape night run
Details : JULY 09, PutrajayA
Category : Men Open 10
target : Top 30 / 45'00
Result : 51st / 48'00

Event: adidas kotr
Details : 2 aug 09, shah alam
Category : Men Open 21k
target : Top 30 / 1'35'00
Result : / 1'55'49

Event: kliuc run
Details : 10 aug 09, kliuc,kajang
Category : Men Open 10k
target : Top 10 / 40'00
Result : 15th / 44'00


manutd at bkt jalil

pic by me
month of JULY

Event: Anti-dadah
Details : 7 JULY 09, PutrajayA
Category : Men Open 7.7k
target : Top 30 / 34'00
Result : 17th / 32'00
Pace: 4'09 - good

it was good recovery run after the Marathon, still can feel the tiredness..
my pace was good and manage to maintain my pace still struggle with my injury since sckl marathon

Event : McDonald run
Date : 12 JULY 09 , Dataran Merdeka
Category : Men Open 7.5k
target : Top 30 / 33'10
Result : 25th / 31'10
Pace: 4'08

happy with my performance ,my pace getting better ,i could pace with better runner then me.Manage to hold on my injury pain.

Event : Siemens run
Date : 19 JULY 09 , Dataran Merdeka
Category : Men Open 10.05k
target : Top 30 / 44'25
Result : 58th / 46'59
Pace: 4'35 - average

unexpected result after doing well on the past 2 races. Maybe tired and bad starting.i came back home late from bkt jalil after watching Manchester vs Malaysia then went for late dinner unknown Chinese food cause me stomach pain early morning, this lead me to start far behind the crowd and my injury getting worst force me to jog slower.

Event: Shape night run
Date : 25 JULY 09 ,Putrajaya
Category : Men Open 11.5k
target : Top 30 /
Result :

MY last event will be the adidas king of the road on 2 aug and then i will out of action for several month due to my injury since scklmarathon.


~im a marathon u ? ~


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