Bidor Half

still worried....
i have been training less then 12k every week due to injury and busy schedule
hopeful can achieve an average result during Bidor run.!

Date :26 April 09
Place : Bidor Town
Category : Men Open 21k

Bib No : A 204
My target : Top 30 / 1'35'00
Result : 36th 1'41'00

Glad to finish the race without any injury and enjoyed well the route coz totally zero vehicles and green environment.
I decided to run my own pace coz it was a new route for me .The route was a bit hilly at 13km - 15km at the point my pacing started to slow down. I believe that im off target by 6min bcoz of high slope.

after first
check point.!
Melawati 10k run

Date 28 Marc 09
Place : Restaurant Sakura Crystal
Category : Men Open
Distance :10k

Bib No : A
My target : Top 50
Result : 52'05 min

im now at the lowest point of my fitness, Actually wanted to rest till end of the month but I received a free bib for melawati 10 k so just run for fun ,
unable to run on my normal pace ,finding difficulty to back on track after 3week rest (exam and studies) since kl towerthon.

Now will be my preparation for SCKL 42k marathon
my target till 28 June :
- sacrifice my weekend (training & extra workout)
- perform well on next 21k run (Bidor, NB Kpac - sub 1'30)
- proper diet & consume vitamins