62km position 36tth - got genting voucher

12hourswalk, another 5 days to go and my training not going so well, this is something i should be worried. i just dunno why this thing happening to me every time (expect better result before race then later regret for bad performance.)

i MUST change this attitude, the only way is TRAINING TRAINING TRAINING TRAINING.

Incredible India...!!!!!!!!

stay tuned...
story coming soon..
im back
headache.. lot of things to be update
really in bad shape since raye - finaL exam then holiday in india 3 weeks..
2 months without RUNNIG.

Just started trainng last week,preparing for my 12h walk.i'm really regret should be prepared since 2 months ago, its will be huge gamble to take part in this event.
Hopeful it won't repeat like last year.

07 result- 71k / 24th
my target - 80k / top 2O

kliuc run
adidas run
shape run
manutd game

Event: shape night run
Details : JULY 09, PutrajayA
Category : Men Open 10
target : Top 30 / 45'00
Result : 51st / 48'00

Event: adidas kotr
Details : 2 aug 09, shah alam
Category : Men Open 21k
target : Top 30 / 1'35'00
Result : / 1'55'49

Event: kliuc run
Details : 10 aug 09, kliuc,kajang
Category : Men Open 10k
target : Top 10 / 40'00
Result : 15th / 44'00


manutd at bkt jalil

pic by me
month of JULY

Event: Anti-dadah
Details : 7 JULY 09, PutrajayA
Category : Men Open 7.7k
target : Top 30 / 34'00
Result : 17th / 32'00
Pace: 4'09 - good

it was good recovery run after the Marathon, still can feel the tiredness..
my pace was good and manage to maintain my pace well.im still struggle with my injury since sckl marathon

Event : McDonald run
Date : 12 JULY 09 , Dataran Merdeka
Category : Men Open 7.5k
target : Top 30 / 33'10
Result : 25th / 31'10
Pace: 4'08

happy with my performance ,my pace getting better ,i could pace with better runner then me.Manage to hold on my injury pain.

Event : Siemens run
Date : 19 JULY 09 , Dataran Merdeka
Category : Men Open 10.05k
target : Top 30 / 44'25
Result : 58th / 46'59
Pace: 4'35 - average

unexpected result after doing well on the past 2 races. Maybe tired and bad starting.i came back home late from bkt jalil after watching Manchester vs Malaysia then went for late dinner unknown Chinese food cause me stomach pain early morning, this lead me to start far behind the crowd and my injury getting worst force me to jog slower.

Event: Shape night run
Date : 25 JULY 09 ,Putrajaya
Category : Men Open 11.5k
target : Top 30 /
Result :

MY last event will be the adidas king of the road on 2 aug and then i will out of action for several month due to my injury since scklmarathon.


~im a marathon finisher...do u ? ~


Gone To Soon
MJ Legacy Remains Forever


I don’t no whether can complete the race in sub 4 hours as targeted earlier.

Really worried what going happen to me during and after the races.

Hopeful I will not go thru the same experience in penang last year.

U might not believe me the way I prepared for the 42k .I have been running not more than 25k since bomba09 run till now . The final training was last week Sunday about 12k.

Recently I had sprained my right ankle while playing football and hurt my butt during oppp games. Hopeful this won’t affect my performance this Sunday even though I still can feel the pain

OPPP Games



New Running Shoes...

Adizero Mana

Adizero Breeze

bought the shoes each rm120 at atria adidas sales.!!

Op Azrul Syaffiq

1 Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Photo contest

Op Azrul Syaffiq is among winner of the photo contest.
He was my ex schoolmate. Currently pursue his studies at uni Malaya.
An excellent photographer and good hockey player

diana, henry, najib , azrul

the winning photo
Bomba 1ok ~~~~

Date : 10May 09
Place : Dataran Merdeka
Category : Men Open 10k

Bib No : A
My target : Top 30 / 45'00
Result : 61th / 49'50

Bidor Half

still worried....
i have been training less then 12k every week due to injury and busy schedule
hopeful can achieve an average result during Bidor run.!

Date :26 April 09
Place : Bidor Town
Category : Men Open 21k

Bib No : A 204
My target : Top 30 / 1'35'00
Result : 36th 1'41'00

Glad to finish the race without any injury and enjoyed well the route coz totally zero vehicles and green environment.
I decided to run my own pace coz it was a new route for me .The route was a bit hilly at 13km - 15km at the point my pacing started to slow down. I believe that im off target by 6min bcoz of high slope.

after first
check point.!
Melawati 10k run

Date 28 Marc 09
Place : Restaurant Sakura Crystal
Category : Men Open
Distance :10k

Bib No : A
My target : Top 50
Result : 52'05 min

im now at the lowest point of my fitness, Actually wanted to rest till end of the month but I received a free bib for melawati 10 k so just run for fun ,
unable to run on my normal pace ,finding difficulty to back on track after 3week rest (exam and studies) since kl towerthon.

Now will be my preparation for SCKL 42k marathon
my target till 28 June :
- sacrifice my weekend (training & extra workout)
- perform well on next 21k run (Bidor, NB Kpac - sub 1'30)
- proper diet & consume vitamins
March month of REST
coming up next in april -


My Frenz.!

Chan did his second IM and also the youngest participant for IM 08 & IM09
Azlie my ex senior did his first IM.

Place Name Count Cat
177 Chan Jun Shen MYS M18/24
407 Hasbul Azlie MYS M18/24
Swim-----Chg1------Bike-----AftBike----Chg2-----Run ---Total
01:27:30 00:07:37 06:03:16 07:38:22 00:02:25 04:25:49 12:06:34
02:07:38 00:05:00 07:31:31 09:44:08 00:20:04 05:23:45 15:27:56

chan,at the age of 20 already have done 2 IM is absolutely amazing and incredible,with the current timing of 12'06 . i believe that he could achieve sub 10'30 by the next IM .! salute u bro.!

KL Towerthon 09

Date :01 Marc 09
Place :KL Tower
Category : Men Open
Distance : 1k + 2058 steps

Bib No : A653
My target : Top 50 18'00
Result : 22'22

definitly it was an exhausted and strugling race for me.
Larian Rakyat Dun Chempaka
Date : 08 feb 09
Place :Dewan APAJ
Category : Men 20 below 6k
Bib No : A 001
My target : sub 25 top 3
My result : 25'25 7th

Ftaa Cross Country
Date : 15 feb 09
Place : Lake Garden,kl
Category : Men Open 8k
Bib No : A 024
My target : sub40 top30
Result : 42'20 25th

KL City Day run
Date : 22 feb 09
Place : Dataran Merdeka
Category : Men Open 10k (10.9k)
Bib No : A455
My target : sub 45 top30
Result : 47'28 37th

all the three events did under 4.30 pace...is consider really Good coz due to my daily busy schedule monday to friday totally zero training .!

but during the race week , I focus on my diet ~
reduce oily food, increase quantity of vege ,
consume vitamins (sprulina ,omega,vit-c) daily,
the day before event ~ no football wit frenz , proper carbo load,
sleep early. sacrifice my late night EPL match
as a result ~ no sleepy , feel fresh before race, more energetic during race and strong ending towards finishing line..!

Great Eastern 3OK

Date : 18 jan 09
Place :lake garden ,kl
Time :6.30am
Distance :20k
Category : Men Open
Medals : Finisher

Bib No : F 5347
My target : 1'35'00 / top 50
Result : 1'37'16 31th

early decide to run slow as possible because of hamstring injury since new year.! and its was also a bad start for me as i was in the toilet when 20k was flag off. anyway due to lack of training i'm happy with my timing

Klava 3.9k Relay

Date : 11 jan 08
Place : tmn metropolitan batu
Time : 7.30am
Distance : 3.9k relay 3
Category : Men Open
Medals : Finisher

Bib No : AF2
My target : 14 min / Top 5
Result : 6th
13'52 - 13'52 < Meyyappa
14'43 - 28'35 < Thurai
15'28 - 44'03 < Suresh

glad to finish the race..
i was really in pain suffering knee injury fall down from the bike on friday night. luckly, no internal injury.

adidas running shoes seeding program q1

Adidas running shoes to be given away FREE to runners to wear-test them & to post in their blog a very frank & unprejudiced opinion about the shoes after 30 days ofusage.
This offer expires on 15th January 2009 & be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis. .
If you are interested pls call to make an appointment as appended below..!!

Office address:
adidas Malaysia Sdn Bhd , Block B Level 4, Plaza Damansara ,
45 Media Setia 1, Bukit Damanasara ,Kuala Lumpur .

Tel Office : 03 - 20804843
Mobile No : 012 - 3503668
E-Mail : krishnan.karuppan @adidas.com
finally...My new shoe..!!
mizuno wave aero 6 wide
white/lime/navy size us -10
price: rm389
after 50% : rm194

jan/ feb 09

04 jan - X
11 jan - Klava Relay 3.9k - tmn metropolitan jln batu
18 jan - Great Eastern 20k - lake garden kl
25 jan - X
01 feb - X
08 feb - New Year Run adun cempaka
15 feb - FTAA Cross Country 8k - lake garden,kl
22 feb - KL cityday 10k run

*X - eat,sleep,tv,futball