laziness is the main cause for insufficient training ,same goes to blogging. i really don't know how to find a solution to reverse this attitude.! New Year has begun and me still don't have any resolution.Its ok, throughout last year,i have learn some few lesson which i should improve this year.i do manage achieve some few good and poor result , i realize that lack of training contribute to my poor performance and i should stop signup any event or longer distance before thinking twice .

2010 target

1) no more long distance - 21k and below only ( poor result from penang08 & kl marathon 09)
2) focus on short distance - 12k,10k, 7k, 5k (set n maintain pace 4min km)
3) schedule well manage - join not more n less event (1 or 3 only event per month)
4) lastly,Training - must on every weekend n if possible also on weekdays.

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